Saigon-Ho Chi Minh City is Vietnam’s largest metropolitan city, with a population of 10 million and divided into ten districts, with District 1 being the epicenter of the city.  Culture, commerce, and capitalism are at the forefront of the District’s drive for growth.  


Supporting this growth is the District’s ever changing and burgeoning food scene.  From street vendors hawking their early morning or late afternoon dish to five-star hotels offering the best wines and caviar.  Nestled in between all that are some of the best food from other cultures around the world.  Having lived in District 1 for six years, our Chef and Owner, Taylor Hoang is bringing all that food diversity and culture to Esterra Park, Redmond. 


Our menu features a collection of Vietnamese street food, traditional dishes, and dishes that have been re-imagined to reflect other cultures that have influenced Vietnam’s cuisine such as French, Chinese, Indian, and other SE Asian countries.

District 1’s ambiance, décor, and service will reflect the change and growth of Saigon-HCMC throughout the years, from a French colonized city to a modern and emerging economic center.  It is a nod to elegance yet is accessible to all, with a generous and hospitable atmosphere; a trademark of the Vietnamese people.  

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